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Dark October: Movie Critique

Dark October, the latest film from the talented director Toka McBaror, released on 3 February 2023, brings to life one of the most haunting and tragic events in recent Nigerian history. Based on true events, this film tells the story of the Aluu Four boys gruesome killing and the devastating …

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Shantytown: Movie Rundown

Shanty Town, the latest Netflix original series, explores the gritty and violent world of sex workers, gang leaders, and corrupt politicians in Lagos, Nigeria. The six-part series is the first original Netflix project of 2023 and has high expectations placed on it. The production focuses on a common theme of …

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Bad Comments: Movie Critique

Bad Comments is a film that, on paper, promises to deliver a thought-provoking and engaging story about the world of social media trolls. However, unfortunately, the film falls short in its execution. Despite boasting impressive cinematography, costumes, and locations, the film fails to fully utilize its potential, instead opting for …

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