Published on: January 14, 2023

Bad Comments is a film that, on paper, promises to deliver a thought-provoking and engaging story about the world of social media trolls. However, unfortunately, the film falls short in its execution. Despite boasting impressive cinematography, costumes, and locations, the film fails to fully utilize its potential, instead opting for a simplistic plot that revolves solely around the main character, Frank Orji.

One of the major shortcomings of the film is its lack of depth and complexity. The story could have explored the world of online harassment in a more nuanced and impactful way, delving into the psychological and social implications of cyberbullying, but instead, it chooses to focus solely on one individual's experience, leaving the audience wanting more. Additionally, the film falls short in its characterization, with many of the performances coming across as wooden and unconvincing. Jim Iyke, who plays the role of Frank Orji, is a talented actor, but his talent is not fully explored in this film. His portrayal of a man who is struggling with the effects of online harassment feels underdeveloped and one-dimensional.

Similarly, Osas Ighodaro, who plays the villainous personal assistant, fails to deliver a convincing performance, her portrayal of a ruthless and manipulative character falls flat. The film's resolution of the conflict is rushed and unsatisfying, leaving many questions unanswered. The film's use of virtual jungle justice, in which the protagonist takes matters into his own hands, ultimately defeats the purpose of the story, which was to bring bullies to justice. The movie tries to give a happily ever after moral story, but it leaves the audience wondering about the connections. Furthermore, the film's pacing is uneven, with some scenes dragging on for too long, while others feel rushed and abrupt.

The opening scenes have no correlation to the rest of the movie, adding to the feeling of disjointedness. The story arc is all over the place, and some scenes have no proper transition. In conclusion, while Bad Comments boasts a promising premise and visually striking elements, it ultimately fails to deliver a cohesive and compelling story. The movie has good cinematography, beautiful costumes and great locations, but it falls short in its plot, characterization, and pacing. It is a film that may be worth watching for some good laughs and nostalgia, but don't expect a tight plot or great storytelling.

Producer: Darlington Abuda and FilmOne Production

Director: Moses Inwang

Actors: Jim Iyke, Osas Ighodaro, Ini Edo, Yemi Blaq, Chiwetalu Agu and Patience Ozokwor Ruggedman

Country: Nigeria

Runtime: 129 minutes

Genre: Comedy Drama

PG Rating: PG 13

Written by: Amarachi Ndukwe

Aggregate Rating:  


Amarachi Ndukwe wrote: I'll recommend it for solely entertainment purposes, morals are far from it to gain.

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