Who is Privileged Soncfr?

Who is Privileged Soncfr?

Comedian Privileged Soncfr

Published on: December 26, 2022

So I guess you're wondering who this guy is. Well, then you're in the right place.  Enegbeta Enowhen Anthony, popularly known as Privileged Soncfr, is a Nigerian-based standup comedian, actor, and video content creator.


He hails from Edo State, Nigeria. Since Privileged Soncfr began a couple of years ago, he has made interesting stand-up comedy, street trivia, and videos that are quickly making him a rising star.  Privileged Soncfr is certainly a comedian with a difference.


As a comedian, Privileged Soncfr has over 470k Facebook followers and over 63k Instagram followers. His Instagram handle is @comedianprivilegedson. His YouTube page is "Comedian Privileged Soncfr." Privileged Soncfr is not only funny but also an adept video content creator, with most of his skits dwelling on things that happen within and outside the shores of Nigeria, but mostly within the country.


He's known to speak the truth when he has the opportunity. Privileged Soncfr covers all kinds of trending and stale gists that would certainly make your ears tingle. Currently in the U.K., Privileged Soncfr is having a good time as he celebrates the Christmas holidays. Indeed , he is really a comedian with a difference.

Author: Ovie Jeffery Ominigbo