Peter Obi or no other President

Peter Obi or no other President

Photos by Efosa Taiwo

Published on: December 24, 2022

As the day for election draws close, the over 18 presidential candidates of the different parties are in a 'high' state. Every one trying to put their best foot forward, bringing their manifesto before the populace in the bid to convince Nigerians why they should be voted for. Many of these candidates do have their own loyalists, some don't, just barely at the mercy of the populace whom would exercise their franchise when the time comes.


Amongst all these candidates, the younger population is canvassing, clamouring, and even being sacrificial because of their candidate, Peter Obi of the Labour Party. Many Nigerians, especially the youths have adopted a name by which they proudly go by, " the OBIdients family." These people have become most famous amongst the followers of the presidential candidates. They love him so much that since his declaration for the race, there's been rapid interest of the young generation in the political sphere.


"The Obidients" say that for a long time, they now feel like there's a light at the end of this tunnel called Nigeria. They keep clamouring and canvasing for Peter Obi for different reasons, some of which is because he's going to change the economy from a consuming nation to a producing nation. This alone is stirring so much hope amongst the masses. Whilst the election draws close, we can only hope that the masses will exercise their franchise, and Peter Obi emerges president at the end. But in the meantime, do you agree with the " Peter Obi or no other president" mantra?

Author: Ovie Jeffery Ominigbo