Published on: January 3, 2023

Since popular Nigerian Afrobeats artiste Burna Boy released Last Last the first single from his sixth studio album, Love Damini, the slang “Last Last” has become increasingly popular among the Nigerian youth, teenagers and foreigners alike. African slangs continue to permeate deeper into pop culture.


This is in part due to the continuously increasing audience of the Afrobeats genre. Knowledge of their meanings will definitely prove useful to foreign listeners in the understanding of otherwise obscure statements made in popular songs, social media and other media outlets. The slang is commonly used in Pidgin or “Broken” which is an English-based creole language spoken across all regions of Nigeria.


Last last basically means “in the end” or “at last” indicating the most probable end result of a particular process or activity. It can be used to express hope of something better happening in the future as in the popular Pidgin statement “Last last, we go dey alright” meaning “In the end, we will be alright”.

Author: Oluwafisayo Olawunmi