Man Builds House Using 11 Shipping Containers

Man Builds House Using 11 Shipping Containers

Photos credit - MBM

Published on: December 27, 2022

When it comes to building houses these days, people are certainly being creative by going beyond the usual. Currently circulating on social media are photos of a house that was built using 11 shipping containers.


This terrific exploit was made by a man, whose name is not mentioned, who decided to go beyond the conventional use of shipping containers by erecting a nice building for himself and his family. The photos that were shared on social media by MBM, a Tiktoker in the Tell It All Facebook group, as he decided to examine the house, have caused all sorts of comments. According to him, he said the house is well equipped and indeed a beautiful one. It's quite a wonder why someone would stack a total of 11 shipping containers together to make a house.


There are certainly other materials, such as cement and wood, that could be used. Some netizens have made comments like, "If you make a mistake and some wire touches the floor of this house, trouble." Another said, "11 containers are too many for a house; I know a Nigerian who can use only 5 containers to build a good house." What do you think about this?

Author: Ovie Jeffery Ominigbo