Brymo sets twitter ablaze

Brymo sets twitter ablaze


Published on: January 5, 2023

Former Chocolate City hit crooner "Brymo" Olawale Oloforo, who has carved out a reputation for himself for being controversial, has struck again on social media. Brymo has let fly a few opinions on Elon Musk's twitter that has left mouths agape and a few minds spinning. He released a series of statements on his official Twitter account regarding the topic of the upcoming general elections of 2023 in Nigeria and some of its fore running candidates.


Brymo engaged in an exchange with various fans regarding the status of the incoming president, whoever it may be come may 29th. Some might view his out burst as an incursion, others might view it as speculative, and others perhaps, as wisdom.


Brymo, in his tweets, slates Labour Party's Peter Obi, claiming he has no federal government experience and his ethnicism as "Anarchy". He further states he believes Tinubu is about to usher a new era to fix some issues birthed by the current adminstration, and (like earlier said, speculative) insists that even the present president refers to Tinubu as "my general commander".


Brymo later moves to purport that Atiku is the most qualified of all the candidates, and made suitable points refering to past experience to prove his point. These series of statements have sent a stir through the political social media presence of Nigerian youths, the superstar has also received a stern back lash for his views.

Author: Benjamin Jahota