Becoming Abi: A must watch

Becoming Abi: A must watch

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Published on: December 24, 2022

"Becoming Abi," a Nollywood movie that's making rounds on the internet currently, is quite an interesting one.  This story centers on a young lady called Abiodun, or "Abi" for short. Her journey begins when she's in a job-hunting frenzy. As other regular graduates would be after the NYSC years, Abi was really job hunting. She'd applied to several companies, yet to no avail. When she thought all hope was gone, her luck shined when she was invited for an interview at Creative Lens, the company's name.  Her interview with the HR was not so smooth, as she didn't even have the experience to warrant working with the top PR company in Nigeria.

Eventually, she gets the role and becomes part of the finance team. In her journey with the company, she meets different kinds of people with different temperaments. She meets her colleague, who becomes her best friend. The protagonist, Abi, finds herself in a love story at the same time that she's on the verge of becoming the head of her team.


How would her story turn out? Would she be able to manage her new role as head and also have to deal with her friend, who's now her subordinate? Would she be able to continue her love story? Find out more from the movie "Becoming Abi."

Author: Ovie Jeffery Ominigbo