Avatar hits $1 Billion

Avatar hits $1 Billion

Avatar: the way of water

Published on: December 29, 2022

Avatar: 'the way of water' has hit $1 Billion globally, becoming the fastest 2022 release to hit the Box Office mark. The movie has reached one billion dollars in ticket sales in just 14 days. The feat seems even more impressive when you realize, of all the movies released in 2022, so far only three movies released have surpassed the $1 billion dollars box office milestone, the other two are "Top Gun - Maverick" in which Tom Cruise famously starred in, as a military pilot, (it took 31 days to clear the benchmark) and "Jurassic World Dominion" (which took over four months to achieve the milestone).


Compared to the nine movies released in 2019 that reached the box office milestone, surpassing $1 billion sales globally. Since "Spider Man: Far from home" (12 days), Avatar is the quickest movie to sell $1 billion worth of tickets and only six movies in history have managed to clear the milestone in the first two weeks of their release.


The original version of the Avatar movie which was released in 2009, still stands as the highest-grossing release in history with $2.97 billion globally, the follow up movie, arriving on scenes over a decade later may struggle to match this feat, but it has made a good start.

Author: Benjamin Jahota