Apple reveals Vision Pro - A futuristic gadget

Apple reveals Vision Pro - A futuristic gadget

Apple 3D Vision Pro

Published on: June 5, 2023

Apple has revealed the Vision Pro. Vision Pro allows you to experience 3D objects as if they were right in front of you. You can explore the object from all angles, as if you were holding it in your hands.

According to Apple, the Vision Pro would give you a limitless workspace that allows you to customize the way you use your favorite apps. You can place your apps anywhere and adjust their size to suit your needs, so you can create the perfect work environment. You can Keep up with the world around you while using Safari to browse the web, jotting down notes in Notes, and chatting with friends in Messages, all with just a quick look.

Notable Features of the Apple Vision Pro

"With Vision Pro, you have an infinite canvas that transforms how you use the apps you love." You can connect your Mac to Vision Pro wirelessly and use it as a huge, private, and portable 4K display. With Mac Virtual Display, you can put your Mac anywhere in the room and still access Vision Pro.

You can easily connect your Bluetooth accessories like Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad to the device, allowing you to work on complex spreadsheets and long emails. Additionally, you can enjoy watching movies or playing games on the go with its built-in 4K display.

Apple's most advanced spatial audio system

The Vision Pro boasts "Apple's most advanced audio system ever". Two speakers placed close to each ear provide tailored sound while still allowing you to hear what is happening in your environment. Ambient Spatial Audio creates an immersive experience by making it seem like the sound is coming from your surroundings. Additionally, the Vision Pro uses raytracing to assess the acoustic characteristics of the room, such a

Security and privacy

Apple states that the Vision Pro was designed to help protect your privacy and keep you in control of your data. It follows  the foundation of existing Apple privacy and security features with new Optic ID technology that uses the iris for authentication.

When will it be available?

According to Apple, the Vision Pro will be available early next year (2024) in the United States.

Author: Michael Akerele