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Published on: December 26, 2022

The Nigerian Movie 'Aníkúlápó' is unarguably one of Nollywood's best releases in 2022, a week after its premiere on 30th September, it became the most-watched non-English film on Netflix, with a cumulative of 8.7million streaming hours. 

The movie conveys a story about a man -Saro, who was fortunate to receive help from an elderly woman who took him in and established him with her wealth and influence while Saro warms her bed at night as one of her sugar babies. Saro met and fell in love with the king's youngest and beautiful wife -Arolake. They started having an affair which led to Saro's exile, Arolake did not only lose her place in the king's court, she was stuck with Saro in the forbidden forest. 

A strong theme the movie portrays is the theme of love, that made Arolake wrestle and win against spirits enabling Saro earn a second chance in life, with mystical powers he possessed; the power of death in his hands, Saro became Aníkúlápó - which means "He who has death in his pouch". Powers given to him by his Arolake, who fought the god of death and stole his pouch. Saro became popular and very influential when he brought the hunter's son back to life the day he and his wife were brought to that village. With the powers bestowed on him, will fate end well with Saro?

Author: Amarachi Ndukwe