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Who is really the world leader ?



This question has been trending and been on lips for for some decades now and I don’t think anyone has the solution even up till now but let me use this medium to share my own observation with our amiable readers. Am I speaking with someone?

Many says the world president is the President of the United state of America (Donald Trump) while many says Russian pressident (Vlamidir putin) is, some even place queen Elizabeth 2 above the two world leaders. Well my fellow religeonists will say God is the world president as no human being can unite the earth( I concur though) but there must still be a man with the highest power above all other men.

Let’s start this way, who is a world leader? Collins dictionary saus that a world leader is someone who is the leader or president of a country, and especially a country that is economically powerful country. So which country has the best economy?

  • USA : $21 trillion
  • China : $9.2 trillion
  • Japan : 5.2 trillion
  • UK : 3.2 trillion
  • Russia: 1.578

So economically US president should be the world president but am still not confused, buoyant economy is not the only way to rank a country, a country cannot stand without adequate security and appreciable minimum salary

On terms of minimum salary, russia pays a minimum sallary of $171 per month while usa pays $7.265 per hour. Hope you noted the difference per month and per year?

Uk minimum wage is €8.21 per hour and china minimum wage per month is $369

So in terms of this you know who has the world president.

In terms of security, possesion of fire arms , weapons et.c let’s see

No doubt US has the most powerful nuclear weapon followed vlosely by russia (arguably) .

So with this we can all conclude that president ………………………………… Is the world president

Please fill in the gap yourself, you won’t hear it from my mouth that …………………………………. Is the world president , you have the facts yourself.

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