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We should really look into some sporting activities in Nigeria



It is very disheartening to sew some Nigerians that can’t differentiate between sports and football, this is due to the fact that all other sports are not catered for and not invested in, who can we put all these blames on if not the federal Government and the citizens that have little interest in them and discourage their kids from participating in them.

We are only interested in fooltball than look into ther sporting sectors that will boost our revenue anf reduve unemployment, the popularity of our country will also increase.

The worst thing is that this football we invest heavily in brings poor results, both men and women football we are ranked below 35 globally in Fifa ranking and we can’t even boast of a world class player in our National team.

There are some proffesional sports we can look into and Invest heavily in them:

  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Motor Racing

I think we’ve improved in some aspects like table tennis, hockey, basketball but we really need to keep improving if we reall want to compete woth the best in this field.

The major reason why these sports aren’t practiced in Nigeria is because we lack the capacity to hold sports of such ramification, taking motor racing for example , a country with less Motorable roads for her citizen will such a Country construct good roads for mere sports?

We really need to upgrade our standard of living before anything else, majority of states can’t even boast of a well facilitaed football stadiuk talkless of a rugby stadium. We don’t even have the capacity to host a Football World cup talkless of a rugby world cup.

We really need to change our mentallity of counting some sports as stupid sports and not worth it. These stupid sports are the ones constituting to majority of some country’s GDP taking United Kingdom as an example

Let’s hear your opinion on this matter arising, We need your contributions please drop your comments.

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