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(UPDATE): Top Tech Blogs In Nigeria



The article written below will show you trusted and efficient top tech blogs in the Nigerian web.

i have already compiled a list of tech blogs in Nigeria for you to make a pick of which will suit your wants. Why is this so?

It is important to note that, as the world advances technologically, it is important as well for the tech blogs to give updated and recent happenings/ occurrence in this dynamic tech world.

The tech news is very important and those with little or no education are able to specify gadgets available in the market and its benchmark quality.

Analysis have shown that the surge of updating technological news either by means of reviews of products or that of giving out detailed informations and analysis about products coming into the market, has helped and enabled companies towards improving the quality and features as well in their products so as to be ahead of their competitors in the aim of satisfying their customers.

2017 – 2018 Tech Industry in Nigeria

It is worthy to note that at the moment tech blogs in the country Nigeria, are becoming generally accepted by everyone. This is so because they have been responsible for how the technology information are delivered to Nigerians for years.

Take this for example, You may have heard this expression before:

( ‘ The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence ‘ )

If you are thinking of finding means of useful information about technology products available in the country, When you finally get to the ‘ other side if the fence ‘ you will then discover that the grass isnt so green after all.

With this then, what actually are you looking for? Well it is time to dig the right diamonds in your own background by taking consideration into some top tech blogs available in Nigeria.

2018 – 2019 Tech Blogs in Nigeria

The List available below, will help you in the right direction in getting information about tech blogs and help you find genuine and latest informations/ facts on tech news in Nigeria. The list below is based on Alexa popularity and ranking.

1. TechPoint

Tech Point has become the number one first tech blog in Nigeria, and it is ranked 267th site in Nigeria. TechPoint blog actually focuses on startups, gadgets and also Tech issues.

TechPoint blog has the drive in order to change the way technological news are been carried out in Nigeria.

Visit Site:


2. NaijaTechGuide

According to ratings, NaijaTechGuide is seen as the second tech blog on the Nigerian Tech Guide. It is also seen that this site has more focus on tech reviews , specs, tech news, tips , and lastly price comparison of electronics and gadgets as well.

One thing about NaijaTechGuide is that they dont sell products, but they actually assist in recommending the best amongs the products. These sites are believed to put you through and as well guides you in making the right decision when you about selecting your product. You can as well see them as a ( Buyers guide ).

It is also important to note as well that the site is ranked as no 345th in Nigeria and also they have a high SEO which is Search Engine Optimization. If you are thinking of the best product, phone, gadgets, you are sure on the right track by visiting NaijaTechGuide to select the best products available at your reach.

Visit site :


3. OgbongeBlog

OgbongeBlog is known as one of the foremost blog especially when it comes to tutorials tricks, blogging, and also adsense tips. it also give great news on Money Generation and informations on tech news.

OgbongeBlog is also ranked no 778th in Alexa.

You can visit the site:


4. Tech Cabal

Tech Cabal is also another recognized tech site in Nigeria. Tech Cabal actually focuses on tech startups, also on news, tech issues and as well Investments. They are also recognized in Africa due to this.

Tech Cabal is also ranked 1,117th position in Nigeria at large.


5. Tech Lector

Tech Lector is also another great tech blog in the country. This blog has a good depth when it comes to reviews and also on gadgets devices.

Another great thing about Tech Lector blog is that has helped tremendously in making comparison between 2 products which are of the same kind.

Tech Lector is also ranked no 1,561st position according to Alexa.

You can visit the blog:

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