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Tuface Say’s: I Have Never In my Life plagiarize Any hit From Blackface



We are all accustomed with the rift that has occurred between both musicians who were formerly in the same music group. as of recent following the repeated attack that is been carried out towards his person & brand by Blackface, The singer Tuface has finally decided to come out to speak basically towards the rift , and he has spoken on what really caused the issue between the both of them.

With reports reaching us , according to the singer, He claimed that Blackface started attacking him immediately after he revealed his intention to go solo and be on his own.

He went ahead to state this in an exclusive interview with Naijasay entertainment team in Lagos state.

Tuface Idibia went ahead to say that the claims that he stole the song African Queen from Blackface, Tuface Idibia says,the both of them wrote “African Queen’ & “Let somebody love You” .together.

“Tuface Idibia said that he actually has had series of meetings with concerned people.

He said, Blackface started attacking him right from when I decided to leave and go solo. i have really tried as much as possible to give credit to anybody , i mean anyone that has contributed to any of my songs over time.

The truth of the matter as it is now  is that I haven’t kept any single secret away from Blackface, which is the pure truth. We’ve both worked together for years before and I just made my decision to go solitary and eveb before I went solitary, I informed every other member in the defunct plantashun boiz.” that I will be moving on.

“So, with this actually said, I don’t think  I have been involved in any case what so ever about stealing tracks or I used something that wan’t meant for me.

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And also every time, he does comes up with this false allegation. Now the main question has always been to ask him the song I stole from him?

The truth is that, there has never been any proof what so ever, that I have stolen a song from him. But still he tends to always says this at my back especially when he decides to grant an interview to the press.

It is for this reason that I said Blackface is the one who’s in the best position to answer that question.

The truth is, i like to make this clear, I don’t know the problem of blackface this present moment.”?

Tuface Idibia went ahead to continued saying; “It has always been on record that “African Queen’ & “Let somebody love You” was written by myself & Blackface.

These were the only 2 songs , and i have always mentioned it from time in memorial.

Tuface Idibia went ahead to say, It was Blackface that asked me if I wasn’t going to include “African Queen in my first album. With this, there was never a case of I stole his song.

We both actually have the right to use the song. you decided to give someone the permission to use the song before, and I did not say anything.

If you look closely, he has also done something with the song before & I never said anything about it too as well.

There were a couple of songs, in which he used them in his project which we did together & I never reacted negatively towards it. But the hurtful thing is that, every time he comes up with this bizarre attack towards me, he tried to rubbish my name.”

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“At a certain time , my lawyer wrote to him in 2017  and the letter says that  “It is  either you stop saying that I copied your songs or in short just let’s meet in court.”

This is so because if you don’t take the right steo by letting us moving the issue to court & wouldn’t stop saying that I stole your song, then i have no choice but to drag you to court. He then stopped this allegations after this letter I sent. But the surprising thing is that, later on he went ahead and started again.

The truth is that, he has been accusing me of stealing his song for so many years. His attack did not start today if you look closely. It started 4 months after I decided to released my first album. So, you an see that, it’s not as if I did anything wrong to him before he decided to start attacking me.

A few months later after receiving the legal warning, he decided to start attacking me again and again. So, right now, we have gone to court due to this. and yeah, I actually dragged him to court.”

“It is hurtful, and he should stop rubbishing my name , via the means of accusing me of stealing his song. i have thought of it and actually don’t know what to do next than to take a legal action against him.

Basically most of our friends are employing me to settle the matter once and for all. of which he’s not saying that. See , Blackface is not  going straight by saying Tuface you left me & that is why I am after you. I have even tried to do something behind the scene without anyone getting aware.

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The truth of the matter is that, I still like and admire Blackface. I haven’t attack him openly before. It was only one time I vexed & I tweeted something about the issue, just one time. But he just went tk the media and fight me back.

Eedris Abdulkareem surprisingly decided to join forces with him towards this. Eedris once upon a time, said 2face your are the plantashun, the rest are the boiz.”

“And as you can see Eedris said that Blackface did a enormous diss-track of this. Suddenly, Eedris even had the gut to  say that it was blackface that tutored and helped him.

It got to me, and I really got upset & and made a tweet since they insisted to be star producers,  they should just assemble themselves and just  move on.

It was actually the first and the last day I ever gave a response to Blackface’ clapback. If you noticed, I haven’t really talked lengthy on this issue like this before.

I have taken him to court and I really don’t want to know the outcome of the legal battle .

Well, If it ends in my favour oaky!! and also it is fine, if ends in his favour , am good to go

In this case, the sincerity of the issue is the evidience . And that’s where we are at the moment. Well as you can see, It’s obvious there’s something truly he has against me that I don’t know of,”Tuface Idibia went ahead to say.

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