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Top 10 Richest Footballers In Nigeria 2019



When it comes to african football and their players , there isnt a time major stars, legends from nigeria are not mentioned. When heated arguments are carried out on this said topic you tend to be drawn by the spirit of football amongst them and the deliberation of their net-worth and conclusion on who is the richest amongst these players in the football world. currently football has grown beyond just a mere sporting activity but how much these footballers earn.

With this now common in the football world, many young vibrant Nigerian footballers are passionate in exploring wealthy shores such as that of Europe, Asia, America. In these various states / countries mentioned . footballers are paid Massively in the game of football. Examples of this an be spotted from skiled aspiring nigerian players who have taken their profession beyond their shores to these various countries mentioned. if you are vibrant talented in the game , then you should have the atmost desire to play in top European, America and Asian football clubs.

According to records on ground, Nigerian players in the football game , has contributed to be some of the wealthiest footballers in the continent as we speak. Because of this fact, it is always exciting to sit and listen to discussions regarding the net worth of these footballers and how they have taken their talent beyond to explore the natural gifted talents to be showcased to the world at large.

This article has been made to explore exclusively the Top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria. This article will carry information’s in regards to their salaries, endorsement , and other fortunes as well and also grouping them as the highest paid players in the country.As we speak, they are the richest Nigerian Football players at the moment.


Top 10 Richest Footballers In Nigeria 2019


1. John Mikel Obi ( Net Worth : $ 57 Million )

John Mikel Obi began his football career in Nigeria, as the moment he is currently Nigeria’s richest footballer of 2019. It is well known that he actually first started his football career in Lyon Oslo –  That of which is a Norwegian Football club, and this occurred not of recent, but a few years back. as a young vibrant youth, he performed remarkably at a youth world cup in which it showed the world his talents and remarkable performance. This made him the second most valuable player in the football competition. This performance landed him in an aspiring club ( Chelsea ) an English football club who developed interest in the young talented star that he is. He later joined Chelsea from Norwegian club.



His stay in Chelsea proved to be one of his life’s significant moments in football. He stayed in Chelsea for over 10 years and that earned him massive wealth and a major recognition around the world.

He has been fortunate to have won a few important trophies in the English club ( Chelsea ).

At the moment he plays for a chinese team ( Tianjin Teda) in which he was rewarded massively with £8.4 million as annual earnings. He is also noted that he is in a strong marital affair with a Russian model and child of Abrahimovic who is a wealthy russian man and the owner of london – based Chelsea. He has been in this strong Marital affair for about 5 years. Due to this, the affair has been able to yield them a male child.

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Life Style of Mikel Obi


In accordance to his life style , mikel is known as someone who fancies expensive assets such as cars and other major assets which are all around Nigeria & not just Nigeria, but also in London included. With his massive net worth of $57 million he is now currently seen and known as the richest living footballer of Nigerian descent at the moment.


2. Obafemi Martins ( Net Worth: 35 million)

Obafemi Martins is a well known footballer who is from Lagos State as his Origin. at a very young age of 16 years. Just like other players he moved from Nigeria to Europe where he played for various numbers of football clubs. Over the years he has made his mark as a professional football around the continent such as Europe, America, and Asia.

In the past 16 years of his career in various clubs he is seen as one of the Nigerian footballer with the highest number of clubs played for.


Obafemi Martins as we know him as a nigerian who plays in a foreign land, decided about 2 years ago to join the  asian based team called ( Shanghai Shenhua )  which is from SS  , which is an MLS part. This made him earn a huge sum of amount ranging to £8.4 million annually. Due to his outstanding performance and stay in Shanghai Shenhua his net worth was estimated for $35 million, this made him fit into the second richest Nigerian footballer.


3. Victor Moses ( Net Worth: 20.1 Million )

Victor Moses is a well known Nigerian Footballer from Jos in Nigeria. He was known as a winger player for both Chelsea FC in England and his national team in Nigeria. He has played for chelsea for quite a number of years but basically serving loan spells in other English clubs such as Liverpool, Westham.


At the moment his estimated net worth is around $20. million. Over the years, he has been able to double up his wealth with several endorsement deals at about $1 million yearly. He also hold major assets such a landed properties.




4. Ahmed Musa ( Net Worth: $18 million. )

Ahmed Musa is a well known Nigerian footballer who is from an Hausa descent. At the moment Ahmed Musa plays as a forward for both CSKA Moscow which is a Russian football Club and his Nigerian National Team. Ahmed Musa began his football career in Nigeria and at about the year 2010 he was able to move to the European football club were he was able to play as a striker in the Russian side.


As at 2016/2017 football season in europe, he finally completed his move from CSKA Moscow to England based club ( Leicester City) . But due to some draw backs to impress the club, he later found his way back to CSKA Moscow.

It is also important to note that Ahmed Musa is a Muslim and he decided to marry a second wife which put him in the polygamous marital system. He was first married to his wife Jamila but she wasn’t settled with his move to get married decided to divorce him in April 2017. He currently married to another woman. he is known as the fourth most wealthy Nigerian footballer with a net worth of $18 million.



5. Emmanuel Emenike ( Net Worth: $18 million )

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Emmanuel Emenike who is another great Nigerian football star form imo state. at the moment he plays as a striker in the turkey based Fenerbahce and his national Nigerian team as well. he did a great amazing job in the Won AFCON competition in 2013. HE is known with his physique and the moves to threaten defenders when he is with the ball on the the pitch.


At a certain time he was a victim of racial discrimination by a few people in his club who decided to identify him as a monkey. despite this, it never stopped him but rather he gave them shocking and funny response just to show to them he is a rih monkey. His success at his club has made him very wealthy and put him on the spot light a one of the richest Nigerien footballers. His net worth at the moment is ranging at $18 million.


Life style of Emmanuel Emenike

Is has been noticed he is a very social personnel and always fond of appearing at grandiose parties alongside with other musicians including other Nigerian dignitaries.




6. Yakubu Aiyegbeni ( Net Worth : $14 million )

Yakubu Aiyegbeni is a well known Nigerian football star who is from Edo state Nigeria. During his stay in the national team, he served as a forward and scored numerious numbers of goals. His fortune over the years stemmed from his career across Europe. Yakubu Aiyegbeni played as a striker in various football clubs. He has a slight downturn by his club as at 2017 when his club side refused to grant him a new contract offer. Due to this he still remains one of the richest Nigerian footballers.


Currently he is said to be out of contrat with his last played football club due to his age issues ( 34 years ) . This seems to affect his aim of getting another opportunity to be bought by another club. Over the years in Europe he has made sumptuous wealth at about $14 million.


Assets achieved by him

Over the years he has been known of owning various assets ranging from petrol station an hotels in Auchi, Nigeria.



7. Victor Anichebe ( Net Worth: $11 million )

Victor Anichebe is a well known Nigerian professional footballer who originated from the southern part of Nigeria, Lagos State. Victor Anichebe plays as a striker and very known for his strength. He relocated to the UK at a very tender age of 1. Victor Anichebe hasn’t really made much significant impact on the Nigerian team but his football career has made him some wealth at the club level.


There were various controversies around him as at 2013 due to his decline to return to the Nigerian national team due to an injury. He has been able to create a record of 11 caps and 1 goal he is yet to set another appearance for the Nigerian national team. Rumors have it that he has had conversations with the Super Eagles coach in talks in of a possible return to the Nigerian national team.

Victor Anichebe at the club level has played for English clubs such as Everton.


Victor Anichebe Life Style

Victor Anichebe is currently in a loving relationship with Dj Cuppy who is the daughter of a Nigerian Billionaire and business mogul Femi Otedola. Looking classy as well.

Victor Anichebe plays for England based Sunderland and his net worth is about $11 million.

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8. Vincent Enyeama ( Net Worth: $7 million )

Vincent Enyeama is a well known goalie of the Nigerian national team, he is also one of Nigeria’s footballers. He was magnificent in the 2002 world cup hosted by Korea and Japan. He showed some magnificent skills against England as the shot- stopper of the Nigerian team. The match ended in a 0-0 draw. He has been remarkable in his profession and traveled round and as played professional football in France and Israel.


He was also known as a shot stopper of Enyimba which is a Nigerian based professional team. He was able to help the team win the CAF Champions League for two ( 2) consecutive seasons. This was a mile stone for the club and making Enyimba the first football Club to achieve it.

Over the years he has been remarkable, he later had a major quarrel with Sunday Oliseh who was a former Super Eagles fellow. This made Vincent Enyeama to resign from the National team in Nigeria. Vincent Enyeama made his mark in the Ligue 1 which is a french league as the Number one Goalie of Lille FC. It has been estimated that he earns £1.8 million annually, and it has placed his net worth at $7 million.



9. Taye Taiwo ( Net Worth : $6.6 million )

Taye Taiwo is a well known Nigerian footballer from Nigeria, Lagos state. He is of Yoruba descent. Taye Taiwo served as a defender in the Nigeria’s national team who also has an impressive shooting skills. Over the years he started his football career in Nigeria in which he served in the NPL teams like Gabros FC and Lobi Stars. As at 2004 he was able to secure his move to the French team and spent years in Marseilles.


He is a very skilled left footed footballer, and seen as one of Nigeria’s richest footballers. It is declared that his net worth is ranging at $6.6 million.



10. Osaze Odemwingie ( Net Worth: $5.5 million )

Osaze Odemwingie is a well known Nigerian player from a bit of Russian descent who was given birth in the country. He was raised by his parents who are Nigerian and a Russian descent.

Osaze Odemwingie played a major role in the Nigerian national team, he was seen playing forward and was mostly praised for his diligence and athletic skills in giving his best from his heart for his Nigerian team. He has appeared in the Nigerian super eagles team from 2002 Korea – japan World Cup to 2014.


He has played at various football clubs showcasing his skills , but was well known at his English Football Club ( West Brom ). At his stay in the English Premier league he yielded an outstanding goal scoring tally and a major significant recognition.

At the moment he currently plays for Liga 1 side Madura United, he is estimated at a net worth of $5.5 million. He has got tremendous deals such as endorsement of mega brands like Pepsi.

Those are the current most Richest Footballers in Nigeria 2019.

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