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Won’t it be proper if our president rule for 5 years wothout second term?



This question has been bothering me for sometime now and I think it is the high time I share my opinions with this glorious opportunity.

What if instead of having this long political rule for 4+4 years, we have 5 years the maximum for anyone holding a political offixe in Nigeria. It will be perfectly okay right?

Of course it will, If you notice nowadays many of our political leaders now use this sevond term for absymal purpose like looting, Marginalization, holding workers’ salary etc.

This attidue cannot be completely curbed but can be at least reduce to its lowest extent if our political leaders are allowed to only rule for a maximum of 5 years.

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I won’t mention names here to avoid any sort of blackmailing.

A typical example is El-savador, a very co-ordinated country in central america. When last have you heard of any cases of looting in this country? The maximum number of years their president can use as a president is 5 years without a second term bid.

Anothher typical case is Paraguay, A blessed south American landlocked country. Also the maximum years their political leaders can use is 5 years and this curbed some absymal act in the country.

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Am quite sure if some of our political leaders knew they would not have a second term re-bid, they would have done more. Oh you were asking if they will not use their first time to loot? They will but they will surely be caught unaware by the incoming party and they will have less time to loot.

Our political leaders will not pay pensioneers and hoard the money meant for workers, loot them only for them to go svot free. Most of these things happen during their second term in office as they were busy doing something meaningful in their first term.

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Let’s hear your opinion on this matter by dropping your comment

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