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Nigerian celebrities lack the humility spirit, forgoteen that they can’t be there without us!!



Our celebrities lack the movitating spirit and look down on we the so called fans, gone are the days when fans were treated like kings and queens.

Nowadays we fans have been bilittled and turned into a nitwit by these people we call celebritied.

We no longer have the chance to express what we think should change about our celebrities without been bullied or bundled away by them. They savagwd us anytime we express our opinions, funny enough these sets of people are still being praised for what they do to us by some of these so called fans.

Imagine a celebrity telling a fan to Go ble**p himself simply because he corrected a celebrity, have we been limited to this extent, even international celebrities don’t do this and they put their fans in the highest regard.

Please this doesn’t mean that we should start throwing tantrums at celebrities here and there, we should respect them and they should respect us too “Respect is reciprocal”. When I say we should respect them, not that we should start a**s licking them but we should avoid words that we get them annoyed and destroy their various homes rather we should keep encouraging them to get the best out of them

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Celebrity Gists

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